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FaviconThe best way to Shop for Springtime Summer Fashion Trends Essentials 21 Jun 2016, 1:16 am

Timeless summer fashion trendsThere is no shortgage of ways that you can use to look good this summer without blowing your holiday budget on just clothing, although to the untrained bargain-hunter this might not necessarily be that eays. Let us look at how we can shop the S/S essentials without breaking the bank. Remember to follow these main points:

• Understand how you need to upgrade your wardrobe by creating a Wardrobe Strategy
• Fix the clothing in your very best neutrals (black, brown, beige, white, greys, etc.) first before purchasing them in vivid summer colours that may be more difficult to fit the next season. To cut costs, concentrate on adding details that are fashionable and colour as emphases to the neutrals.
On the flip side, do not be scared to purchase clothing in a tad hard and brilliant to blend and match colour. Next summer as long as you understand the colours that can be recycled. A vibrant flowery dress has all the bells and whistles for summer, and also can be worn next season.
• Your most high-priced Spring/Summer fashion trends essentials should be something you are able to bring with you through the autumn transition. Examples are leather bags and denim shorts, coats.

Now that we’ve considered these points, let us get prepared to prep your cupboard up for more happy days! Just get hold of the fundamental Wardrobe Essentials along with these Spring/Summer indispensables and you and your wardrobe will be best friends for a long time to come 🙂


Spring and Summer Fashion Styles Essentials: Clothing

You cannot FAIL with:
• Dress short pants (tailored design, also called “Bermudas” or City Shorts”)
• Denim shorts
• Lightweight cotton skirts
• Print skirts, including tribal, paisley and floral
• Cargo Pants
The White Summer Dress •
• Cotton dresses and top tunics
• Denim Coat (switch to your denim or lightweight and soft Chambray top when the scorching days are approaching)
• Maxi dress
• Jumpsuit/romper
Fundamental tank tops that are •
• White pants


Styling tip:

Have you got a huge budget? Get bored? Live in an all-year around climate that is warm? Fix them in designs and multiple colours!
Cut costs by experimenting with many of these classic F/W bits it is possible to join together into several ensembles. Don’t forget there are plenty of reasons to shop online at Lipsy as opposed to visiting all of the other brand’s stores seperately.


Spring and Summer Fashion Styles Essentials: Accessories

pring and Summer Fashion Styles Essentials: Accessories
Budget-evidence your cupboard with:
Cork wedge sandals that are •
• Neutral leather flat sandals
• Everyday white sneakers (uncomplicated Keds in slip on and/or lace fashion, or classic Converse Chucks)
• Ballerina flats
• Shades
• Cross body leather bag
• Skeletal belts (help keep your loose-fitted tunic top good-set)
Jewelry was divine by • Nature
• Straw hat
• Clutch purse (excellent for the evening wear)
• Lightweight cotton scarves and chiffon
• Leggings (when you need to wear pants but do not need sweaty butt cheeks)


Styling top:

Fix these in neutrals first to help balance out and tone down a fashionable ensemble (eg. Vibrant print dress).
After fixing the principles, get them in eternal summer colors (turquoise, coral, etc.) so that you can spruce up your mundane principles. A pair of turquoise sandals or a turquoise necklace seems astonishing with a white sun dress!

And there you have it. The best thing about all of the above is that it’s not too expensive to just go out and buy it all in one go, knowing that it will give you timeless fashion for years to come. In all honestly you will probably find that you already have most of these things lying around unused in your wardrobe anyway.


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FaviconLipsy Successful in Selling Other Brands 6 Jun 2016, 9:31 am

Next-owned youthful fashion brand and retailer Lipsy would be to extend its offer by selling third party brands on its web site and in shops.
Lipsy supported to Retail Week’s sister publication Drapers that it was in discussions with several brands about carrying them on its web site.
It’s beginning a trial with girls’s youthful fashion brand Miss Sixty, which will found on in summer 2010.
Miss Sixty may also be sold within an unconfirmed amount of Lipsy’s 23 UK standalone shops. If the trial goes well, Lipsy may look at carrying other brands.
Lipsy already sells a limited amount of lingerie brands including By Caprice and Wonderbra on the site but needs a more extensive branded garments offer. Based on sources close to the company, it’d been looking at how branded clothes was working on Next’s site and considered it could bring a major new revenue flow and enhance its offer to customers through the introduction of interchangeable youthful fashion brands.
Miss Sixty’s tradition is in denim while Lipsy is best known because of its dresses, although it also sells jeans. Miss Sixty has already been sold on Next’s Directory website, but Lipsy can also be targeting other brands not sold through Next, which would fit in with its younger customer profile.
Miss Sixty sales manager Daniela D’Aveni said: “We believe our brand fits in nicely with the Lipsy customer. It’s a hot appearance.”
Yet, not all brands have already been open to the thought. Womenswear brand Mina UK said it’d talked to Lipsy about selling through its web site but decided against it. Mina UK wholesale supervisor Danielle Butler said: “We believed it might collide too much, as [like Lipsy] we’ve lots of celebration wear coming out. We simply believe it’s not appropriate for us, as we need to shove our brand, not sit side by side [with someone else’s].”
This can be not Next’s first effort to enter the youthful trend multi-brand marketplace online. In 2008 it started Brand Directory, which carried the likes of Firetrap and Gio Goi. Nevertheless, it pulled the plug on the website last September, after migrating the brands it carried onto its Next Directory website instead.
At enough time, Next said chosen brands had initially been reluctant to trade under Another Web Directory banner ad but, after working successfully with the retailer on Brand Directory, they were joyful to migrate.
Lipsy, that has been purchased by Next in October 2008, has been profiting from the bigger group’s greater on-line expertise. In accordance with Experian Hitwise data, Lipsy bound to 37th highest-ranking UK web site in the clothing and accessories type by visits in June this year – up from 56th area in June 2015.
Between June 2009 and June 2010 Lipsy has raised the amount of visits to its web site by 82%. By comparison, womenswear chain Jane Norman (now ranked 43rd in the group) has raised its variety of visits by 27% during the exact same interval.
Branding consultancy Interbrand London Chairman Rita Clifton said: “One of the challenges with being a single brand is the brand must stretch enough to bring the appropriate number of folks.”
Pointing to multi-brand online offer Asos, she included: “it’s a all-inclusive offer and is a brand in its own right. Having a [brand] combination is becoming quite popular.”
In the year to January 30, 2016, Next said Lipsy given £28m of sales to the group, with operating profits before amortization of £1m. In its present year, in which there are strategies for 11 new shops, it anticipates gains for Lipsy’s retail and wholesale businesses to be about £3m.
Beyond the on-line offer, Lipsy has remained mostly independent from Next in operating terms, and Lipsy creator and chief executive Jeremy Stakol has stayed at the helm of the company.

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FaviconWhy Shopping Online at Lipsy is so Easy 20 May 2016, 10:09 am

Lipsy website May 2016There are many reasons why Lipsy has become so popular over recent years. The main of which being the fact that they offer a large selection of high-end designer products made from the finest quality materials, but at high street prices that people can afford. All of this is then brought to you with a cheap, convenient and hassle free way of having the products delivered direct to your door and you can save money if you find a Lipsy promotional discount. (See any voucher code website for the latest promotional codes).

And it’s the latter that seems to be the main thing that sets Lipsy light years ahead of the rest of ladies fashion retailers who offer the same kinds of products. Lipsy seems to be a hybrid of a quality high street fashion retailer and a small boutique. And while there’s absolutely no shortage of online boutiques our there (see for a list of 50 of the best), it’s as though the owners of Lipsy have picked out all of the best bits of both worlds, and put them together to create their own unique and highly pleasurable shopping experience.

There are many things that we like about shopping online at Lipsy. The first of which is the simple fact that there are no products which are classed as ‘online exclusives’. This means that regardless of whether you prefer to visit a Lipsy store and make your selections, or choose to buy online, you can guarantee that you’re not missing out on anything because everything available to buy is being displayed both in store as well as online. This is great news as there’s nothing worse than the feeling that you might be getting more of a selection online when you’re spending your birthday money at your local shopping centre. Another great thing is the fact that the prices are the same wherever you choose to shop.


The only real difference in price comes if you wish to shop online and make use of the promotional discount box that you see during the checkout process. You can visit a website like the voucher code website mentioned previously which will display a whole list of current Lipsy promotional codes that you can use to save anywhere between 5% and 20% (and sometimes as much as 70%) on the total cost of your order.

If you do choose to shop online you also get the peace of mind that you will get if you buy something in store that doesn’t quite look right on you or fit properly. Just like in store, if you wish to return an item within 21 days then you are entitled to a full refund providing you have not worn or damaged the product. In fact, Lipsy like to go one step further with their customer service (something that comes from the boutique shopping experience) by offering you a longer period to return your goods. In which case if this is after 21 days then you can still receive a full refund, but this will be in the form of credit that can be spent at a Lipsy store or on as opposed to cash or a card refund.

When shopping online at more often than not you can get absolutely free delivery if you spend more than £75. All you need to do is look on any voucher code website or any other discount code website to find a Lipsy free delivery code, enter it in the promotional discount box during checkout, and away you go. You can also get a 10% discount at Lipsy if you’re a student – something that a lot of fashion retailers do not seem to bother honouring these days.


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FaviconOne of the Best Lipsy Hauls we’ve Seen 15 May 2016, 3:33 am

Every now and then we check YouTube to try and find the best fashion hauls that people bring in. This is by far one of our favourites and has been for almost 5 years now. The girl in the video went to Primark, Peacocks and New Look as well, but the Lipsy stuff is pretty impressive we think:

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FaviconThis Season’s Lipsy Haul! 12 May 2016, 4:42 am

As you may well know, here at Lipsy Disount we can’t wait for payday each and every month so that we can go and hit the nearest Lipsy store, Lipsy website or both. Every season we grab a selection of new products off the rail, try them, review them and then let you know what we think. Although this is more of a hobby to us, we offer this as a service to anyone who is considering buying anything from Lipsy, so that they know roughly what to expect if they decide to order online as opposed to physically choosing something from their nearest store. This season’s the budget is £180, so here’s what we picked up:

Ariana Grande for Lipsy Floral Frill Hem Skater Dress – £45











Little Mistress Two Tone Cross Over Swimsuit – £34











Love Pleated Maxi Dress – £48











Lipsy Lace Body – £28











Fahion Union Floral Playsuit – £25


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FaviconWelcome to Discount Lipsy! 9 May 2016, 2:37 am

Hello and welcome to Discount Lipsy – the number one place for Lipsy promotional discount codes, sales, deals and much, much more. On this website you’ll hear all about the latest arrivals both in store at Lipsy as well as online at We’ll also give you the lowdown on some of the upcoming trends, as well as any fashion tips that we happen to find along the way. All of this is in addition to information on ales, discounts, offers and deals as and when we ehar about them. So don’t forget to bookmark us and remember that if it has anything to do with Lipsy then you heard it here first!

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